Most Popular Fast Food Restaurants in the UK

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UK’s top fast food chains are great when traveling for a quick bite in between visits. It’d be a shame not to try out some of the quick service British spots, as this industry is worth tens of billions of pounds. In order to keep hold of their fans, they are learning how to launch new fast food products and provide the best customer experience.

The results of our analysis can be better understood by checking out the food trends in 2018 in the UK. The fast food loyal clients usually go for established chains that are sure not to leave a bitter taste in the customers’ mouths. UK’s leading fast food restaurants are revealed below, so let’s take a closer look which are the favorites.

  1. Five Guys

This takeaway chain is one of the UK’s top fast food venues, having around 44 branches here. A tasty takeaway hamburger and chips cost up to £11.75, so they are on the pricey side. However, they receive constant praises for their exceptional cleanliness, food quality, and even staff friendliness. Customers simply love enjoying the burgers and toasted sandwiches of the newcomer. Five Guys was started in Virginia by Jerry and Janie Murrell and their five sons, in 1986 and specialize in hot dogs. At this time the brand offers great value and therefore has been named the number one fast food chain in the UK. For its part, it was visited by Tom Hardy, Mollie King, HELLO, Ed Sheeran and even by former US President Barack Obama.

  1. McDonald’s

The fast-food chain’s first McDonald’s in the UK opened in south-east London and was a former Burton’s shop. Nowadays, the Queen is the landlord of a drive-through in Slough. In 2011 there were over 100 million Big Macs sold, however, the bestselling item is actually medium fries.

  1. Nando’s

An Afro-Portugese inspired chain is known to have been visited by Prince Harry and Kanye West before performing at the BRIT Awards in 2015. It has a legion of fans who like to tuck into a burger and fries at the restaurant.

  1. West Cornwall Pasty Company

They have 10 spots in London, but shops are to be found all throughout the U.K. Expect a various list of dishes such as savory pies with an assortment of ingredients, steak, and stilton or pork and apple. When you get there you must try the hot pockets, chicken, and bacon or chicken and veggie pasty. We also recommend the lamb and minted peas.

  1. Square Pie

The name is quite obvious and what you will find here is a savory pie squared. It has four shops located in London as well as one in Bluewater, Kent. The come in steak and Guinness or spinach and sweet potato are some of the tasty treats you will find if you decide to hop by. You should also try out the square-shaped pies, and the lamb and rosemary.

  1. Poppies

Poppies seems almost too nice to be a fast food, however, it offers takeaway fish and chips with mushy peas. It has locations in East London as well as North London and the menu includes a great selection of fish such as cod roe, rock, mackerel, halibut, skate, or plaice.


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