Top British Foods

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Traditional British food ‘comfort food’ recipes are meant to fill the belly in a heartwarming fashion. Although people nowadays eat a lot of pizza, Chinese food like stir-fries, pasta or curry, some British dishes are becoming more and more popular these days. Although the specialties are influenced by the Indian cultures, you still have to try some of the old dishes, even if you won’t be eating them every day. The typical foods around the United Kingdom but also English ‘modern’ cuisine are still satisfying as well as favorites on the menu.

  1. Pudding

Most of the traditional desserts, such as apple crumble, are not to be eaten on a diet, as they are covered in sugar and served with custard. Bread and butter pudding has dried fruits, whilst spotted dick is served with custard as well. Trifle is made from layers of fruit, cream, cake, and custard, and the summer pudding has layers of berries, fruits, and fruit juice and is typically eaten with cream.

  1. Eton Mess

A simple Eton Mess is a fabulous mix of cream, crushed meringue, and strawberries but you can find variants with different kinds of fruit. However, we believe that the best one is the classic strawberry Eton Mess, which is a delicious classic dessert. If you would like to try out this British treat, order it with ice cream instead of cream. The name comes from a prestigious boy school. We know, awkward…

  1. Fish and Chips

Perhaps the most popular and loved by everyone, Fish and chips in the UK is one of the best imaginable dishes. Out of all British meals, this one is pretty much amazing, although not everyone does great fish and chips. The beloved deep-fried fish with fat golden chips served in a traditional way is still one of Britain favorite. The choice of fish is usually haddock or cod in a crispy batter although sometimes tilapia or plaice may be used as a substitute.

  1. Toad in the hole

No actual toads, but basically a massive Yorkshire pudding with sausages, typically served with gravy, are involved in this popular British food.

  1. Bangers and mash

Another meal has, traditionally, a generous helping of mashed potato with lots of milk and butter (as Brits really love their potatoes), featuring hearty bangers (fried pork sausages) and warm fried onions plus gravy on top. Nothing gets more comfortable to eat on a rainy day, with a nice glass of wine. Along with pie and mash, this is a working-class hero’s meal, as you can make it at home and don’t have to go to a pub. Yummy!

  1. Yorkshire pudding

Yorkshire pudding is the best for those abroad, which get homesick, and is usually served beside the steak.

  1. Bara Brith Bread

Translated from Welsh as ‘speckled bread’, it is a classic made from spices and raisins or dried fruits, commonly served warm, with brewed tea for an extra flavor. Some people add butter to bara brith bread which makes it moister.

  1. Black pudding

A type of traditionally made blood sausage, it’s considered a delicacy and often sliced with an English breakfast. Although it doesn’t sound very nice, in the UK it’s served fried, whereas in Scotland they deep fry it and eat it with chips.


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